Sunday, January 12, 2014

Graffiti Project

Greetings and Happy New Year!

After some time, I am back in the blogosphere. Here to reveal my latest endeavor.

When I first arrived in Korea, I was starting the teacher orientation in Jeonju. We were all being house at Jeonju University, and one of the first things I noticed was that in the parking lot there were these large, manga-style murals. I have always loved street art and graffiti and loved the idea of anonymous people tagging in a place that generally prides itself on its low crime rates and homogeneity. I'm still not sure if tagging is a crime in Korea, but it seems to be less frowned upon that it is back in the states. But after that, it made me curious about what kind of street art was being produced here and what aspects of Western art had been fused with Korean style? Thus began my graffiti project.

I haven't done too much traveling around Korea so far, but I have been collecting images of graffiti in some spots around Busan. I am starting my 2 week-winter vacation this week and instead of jetsetting to other lands, I will spend it traveling around Korea in search of graffiti. I want to see what Korean artists are producing and what they are bringing to the table.

I've started a tumblr, which will serve as the space to host all of my images, but I am considering switching to Instagram for easier access and reach. In the meantime, enjoy the slim pickins so far and let me know if there is any graffiti near you!


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