Sunday, August 18, 2013

Blast off!

My bags are packed and I'm ready to go (I'm standing here...outside your door..). But really though, I am ready for take-off!! It's kind of crazy to pack for an entire year. It feels like you need so much (but probably don't in reality), and then step back and realize that practically your entire life can be put into 4 bags.

I'm sitting here in Phoenix Sky Harbor airport, waiting for my flight to LAX (where I will have a lovely 5 hour layover, ain't it grand!). I'm hoping to buy some food and furry socks while there, and that I will have no problem with my carry-on weight (Thai Airways allegedly weighs your carry-on item...who knew?). Feeling a combination of excitement, anxiety and actually a little fear (hey, it's the unknown you know).

I've got my flight comfort crew with me which consists of my trusty stuffed bear Gus (pics of him later), a fully charged iPod that my boyfriend updated, his hoodie and several books:

  1. Les Choses by Georges Perec
  2. Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen (duh)
  3. The Corset & The Crinoline: An Illustrated History by W.B. Lord
  4. Bare Essentials: Bras - Construction and Pattern Drafting for Lingerie Design by Jennifer Lynn
I'll be a seamstress with no machine in Korea, so I have to make do with a brand new sketchbook, some colored pencils, drafting books and the knitting I brought with me. My hands can't be idle for too long!

Part of me is wondering what kind of experience I'll have. Admittedly, my life's goal is not to be an English teacher, so I do find some of the zeal with which the other teachers have for teaching to be kind of intimidating (I think I'm a better dance teacher than an English teacher). Will it be great and interesting and rewarding? Will I just so happen to only experience the horror stories that people speak of? I guess we'll find out! 

I do feel kind of sad, as I'm leaving behind my fam, friends and beloved boifu, and I did do all the crying (to which the TSA people were lovely about btw, they gave me tissues and comforted me as I went through security) but life is ahead of me and there's no turning back!

My next post will be from South Korea, wish me luck and safe travels!


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